Brisbane Locksmiths are the safe, vault and ATM specialists. For all types of safe related services, call or email Brisbane Locksmiths and we can service your needs.

Safe Sales

Safe SalesBrisbane Locksmiths sell all types of safes. We can advise you on the best type of safes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a safe for home, a data safe for document/media storage or a cash/jewelers safe for storing large amounts of valuables. We are an agent for all major brands and can ensure you receive the best value safe to suit your needs. We also carry a range of used safes click here for our used safes page.

Safe Service

Safe ServicingSafes and vaults require regular service to ensure smooth and reliable operation. A service interval is based on the amount of times your safe is operated. For a safe being used every day, a service every 12 months should be done. We can set up a service schedule for you to ensure this is done professionally and efficiently. A service should include removal, testing and lubrication of the lock where required. All operating parts and the door should be tested checked and adjusted where necessary. A regular service can eliminate lockouts, saving money, lost productivity and downtime.

Safe Opening

Safe OpeningA lockout of a Safe, Vault or ATM machine can be due to a number of reasons. These can be lost keys or combinations, attempted burglary, lock failure or just lack of regular service. When this occurs, it’s critical to make sure you contact an experienced safe technician who can overcome this and get your safe open and operational. Our many years of experience in this field, will ensure that the safe will be opened and re-commissioned correctly, without compromising the security or fire rating of your safe. Our safe technicians are skilled in lock manipulation and use state of the art tools and techniques to overcome lockouts. We provide this service to a range of clients (including other locksmiths) and perform this work with as little disruption to you as possible.

Safe Upgrades

Upgrading your combination lock to an electronic lock will provide a host of benefits to you. These include easier operation, higher security and allow faster and easier combination changes. Electronic locks can also have audit trails to let you know who opened the safe, and the time and date it was opened. Other features can include dual users, time delay and duress alarm. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Safe Upgrade AfterSafe Upgrade Before

Safe Moving

Safe MovingSafe moving is a specialised industry which requires skilled operators and equipment. The risk of injury or damage to person or property can be high if this is left to amateurs. We can organise the relocation and installation of your safe from across the road, to across Australia. We can also organise the removal and disposal of unwanted safes.